The Art of Cross Dressing – Keep it smooth.



One of the most important areas of being a cross dresser is over coming the battle of the hair. Some guys are born with a natural amount of hair, others have to deal with a dark rug like covering, no matter what level you are you have to remember even women go to the effort of keeping their skin smooth. The greatest challenge for us part time girls is, we have to be careful of becoming so smooth that our wives, girlfriends or even our workmates and friends begin to notice it. Although you may be able to get away with the “I’m going for the Tom Daley look”.



The best way to attack this area is to make sure you start off with a fresh blade, making sure your tool is as sharp as possible helps. So perhaps consider buying some cheap throw away plastic razors. And the key is to shave twice, or more if necessary and make sure that you use shaving gel to get the best contact.

People have suggested that the best lotion to use for shaving is Head and Shoulders shampoo as it contains I high level of silica which makes for a closer shave. A good tip is to know your face well, and learn the direction of your hair growth by running your hands over your face prior to starting. After your first shave with the grain is complete, rinse off, and run your hand over your face to check for the areas still with hair. Faces can have some more difficult to reach areas, and those will be the places that need more effort to get smooth. For me personally they tend to be around the edge of my mouth, chin, and two parts of my neck.

DONT forget to shave all the way down to the collarbones, and make sure you remove all hair, which included those soft cheek hairs. After all shaving has been done, finish up with a light application of moisturiser to rehydrate your skin prior to applying any makeup.


Hands and Arms:

A great quote comes from Romeo and Juliet, “It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part”

So if you look closely at the ladies, you will notice how their hands are hairless and their arms are either smooth or at most covered lightly with fine soft hairs. Your best tool for keeping your hands hair free, as well as your arms is to use a cheap beard trimmer to quickly remove the hairs. If you are unable to shave your arms you can camouflage by wearing longer sleeve tops, with high necks. Depending on the cut of the dress you can still achieve a sexy stylish look.

Always remember to shave up slightly further then the cuff of the sleeves incase your arm becomes exposed. In case you are a fairly hairy guy, then the best method is to use the attachments on the trimmer to shave a little each week, and slowly reduce it to nothing over a period of time. Again when it comes to shaving, touch as well as sight will help to make sure you don’t leave any sneaky hairs behind.



Every cross dresser I know wants to show of her legs, and its pretty much the same method as taking care of your arms.

Again you can use the trimmer and reduce your leg hair over a period of time in order to not make it so noticeable. If you are quite sporty then you can get away with the excuse that being less hairy makes you a better athlete, especially if you are into swimming.

If your legs are over hairy, and you have some nicks and veins showing, you can use a pair of beige tights as a foundation underlay to what you wish to wear on top. The added benefit of this technique is you can find a slightly tighter pair of tights, such as the kind that dancers use and they can help with pulling in your tummy, and creating a more natural feminine look to your crotch. On top of the foundation tights you can go ahead and wear whatever style, or colour of tights you wish to do so. The only situation where you may not wish to wear tights is with peep toe heels, so if you are slightly on the hairy side you can match them up with a nice pair of fitted skinny jeans.



When it comes to your chest you only have two options, either wear clothes that keep it covered, or just shave it all off either using a shaver or trimmer depending on how smooth you wish to go. If you are going to be taking pics in your undies, or having a little fun then shaving is a must!


The Other Bits:

Again like the chest, its up to you if you want to keep this area completely smooth, and down to whether or not you can afford to. From personal experience, dressing can be greatly enhanced by having a completely smooth body as it does create a much more sensual feeling when dressed.


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