The Art of Cross Dressing – Let’s get hairy.


So the last post was about keeping smooth, well this one is the exact opposite, and is a very obvious element when it comes to looking like a woman. Speaking to a lot of my fellow girl friends there seems to be quite a mixture of responses when talking about how to get the right wig, so I will break it down into the most basic categories that I believe will guide you in finding the best wig to suit your style and look.

  • Colour


Ok, so I wanted to mention colour first because for me its one of the easiest aspects of buying a wig. First of all you have to remember that the easiest way to choose a wig is to go with the same colour as your natural hair. Why, because the colour of your hair has to work with the colour of your skin tone. For example, if you are quite tanned and choose a blonde wig thats in a cool shade, then that will create a shift in tones that looks wrong. Again the same applies if you have a cooler skin tone and you go for a warm tone wig. I could go into this in more detail, but in simple terms of fashion, tones have to match each other in order not to clash.

Another thing to remember is that when buying a wig you want to go for the most natural look, thats often what looks best in terms of natural beauty. So for example if you are of asian ethnicity, the dark black wig as a base will always look more passable then choosing say a bright red wig. Women can get away with this more because they are less concerned about attracting attention.


  • Shape


This is another key along with colour, its so important to make sure that you can match the style of the wig be it the length or actual design of the wig with the shape of your face. If you were to actually break down what hair really does, its basically there to create a frame for the face. So you can use the shape, style and length of the wig to help balance out your face and create the most appealing look.

 TIP OF THE DAY – The easiest way to find a great wig style for you is to first find out which face shape you have, and then match it with a celebrity. That way you are able to find a modern stylish style that will suit you without having to go to the trouble of spending lots of time trying to find a wig that will. Bare in mind make sure the celebrities skin tone matches yours if you are going for the same colour style.




For triangle shape faces, your best style guru’s are Rhianna, Kate Moss, Michelle Rodriguez, and Renee Zellweger. A triangle face shape is defined by a strong prominent chin, and your facial structure narrows at your cheek bones and temples.

The best styles to suit this shape are zig zag partings, off centre parted styles, and if you go for a short style chose an asymmetrical bob, long at front and short at the back.



Women to follow with this shape are Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie. This shape is defined by the width of your jawline, cheekbones and forehead all being balanced.

The best styles to suit it are longer styles to pull away from the jawline, as well as soft curls to soften the facial structure, along with asymmetrical styles and layering.



Celebrities to watch out for with this face shape are Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kelly Rowland. A long or oblong face is defined by the length of your face being much narrower in proportion to its width, and you may appear to have relatively flat cheekbones.

Best styles to suit you are, neckline length with width and volume at the cheekbones. A style that uses layering to add volume to your mid face, and side partings.



One of the most famous celebrities to have a heart shape face is Reese Witherspoon, along with Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. The signs of having a heart shaped face are shown by the upper half of your face being wider then the lower, and often defined by a pointy chin.

Styles that will suit the heart shape are wigs that offer a soft top layer, or ones that give you long and wavy layers across your cheekbones. Long hair with bangs also frames your cheekbones well, and jaw length hairstyles will help to bring attention away from your cheekbones giving the appearance of a fuller chin.



To get a great wig style for the oval face shape look out for Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, and Sharon Stone. If you have this face shape then you are blessed because the oval shape is the easiest style, and can almost pull of any hairstyle out there! The shape is very easy to identify by a soft rounding jawline and resembles and inverted egg shape.

The best styles for this shape are those that show it off more so then hiding it, tousled shoulder length hair, side parted bobs, and the pixie cut all work great. Hairstyles to avoid are anything that cut or hide the shape, such as bangs or dangling over your face.



And finally we get to the round shape, women may love this shape because it gives off a more youthful appearance and makes them look years younger. Celebrities with this face shape are Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams. Defined by your face being almost as wide as it is long, lacking in angular features, and a full round jawline.

Wig styles that suit this shape are those that add volume to the top of the head such as a long ‘A-line’ bob, a hairdo that sits close to your face to slim down your cheekbones, or longer styles that fall below the chin line to help draw the eye vertically.

  • Cap Style

100% Hand Tied

handThis wig cap is the most natural as each hair is tied by hand and allows the hairs the most natural flow, and can be brushed in any direction. The softest cap style to wear, so for wear over longer periods of time would be the best option to choose.


monoThis style of cap creates the appearance of a natural hairline from where the hair is parted, Each hair is tied by hand around the crown region, and the rest by machine, which means restyling of the wig can only be carried out through parting.

Lace Front

laceThis is my personal favourite out of all the cap styles, and tends to be the one used by most celebrities like Beyonce. The lace front creates the illusion of a natural hairline at the front of the wig, and gives a very natural appearance.


Basic Caps

basicThe basic cap is the most common style of cap, and often the most affordable and durable design. It also allows for greater air ventilation keeping the head cooler, and often gives the hair lift with built in volume at the crown.


  • Quality


The quality of your wig is very important INDEED! I know we all have our own budgets, and leading a double life for some of us means that we can’t be spending all our money on just one very expensive item. I’m sure if you were able to choose the best quality of wig and budget was no issue, then you would go straight for the Human hair wig. But they cost hundreds of pounds and upwards, and would only really be something to consider if you lived full time as a woman.

Above is a simple example of the differences in quality that you have to be looking out for when purchasing a wig. In an ideal world you would be able to walk into the store and try it on and see the quality right before your very eyes. One was to go about that is to shop in areas that tend to cater for drag queens, or in the gay neighbourhoods of your city where the staff don’t bat an eyelid when they see a guy trying on a wig. All the wigs I have bought were via online sites, some that were recommended to me by friends, but I have also bought wigs from eBay.

From looking at the images above, you can see how the good quality of wig has a light shimmer to it like natural hair, as opposed to the bad quality thats almost reflecting the light like a shiny material. The other aspect of the quality is how the hair lies, allowing it to be styled a lot more easily then the poorer quality wigs which tend to snag and knot more often.

Final thoughts

So when it comes down to creating a great overall look, choosing the right wig is one of the crucial elements. Cross Dressing is very much like putting together a recipe, and you have to make sure that each element enhances your look. For me its been very much a personal journey, and this simple list give you the tools to find the perfect wig for your look.

Feel free to add your own comments and opinions to the post. 😉

Happy hunting!


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