So so sorry..

How to apologize

How to apologize

Ok, so I have been AWOL, MIA, out of sight, missing, gone, etc. Well there is a reason for this. My first thoughts on making this blog were all planned out, and organised. Not to say that I have OCD, but when ever I embark on a mammoth task I love to make sure its planned out to the very finest of details. And in this case I forgot one vital element, and that is writing a blog not only takes planning, but a whole lot of time and effort.

So now that I am aware of this I’ve managed to find some time here and there to make sure it gets up and running again. Although the irony right now, I’m not even sure who is reading this blog. But who cares, Im doing it because I love talking about this awesome stuff! Stay chique my cyber T-girlies. 🙂

Mwah xx


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