The Art of Crossdressing – To Pin or not to Pin, that is the question! ;)

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 15.43.29 Hey everyone, Just realised that this blogging thing takes a lot more effort then I had first imagined so the next step for me is ORGANISATION. In future I shall be making sure that Im posting on a regular basis so theres something for you to keep you interested. 😉 Today I want to talk about the concept of using Pinterest. For me the web is so full of all these cool tools that people tell you about, and you barely remember the name and never know what its good for. So I want to introduce one of the coolest tools that I use for general inspiration and that is the awesome scrap book esque ability of Pinterest. Now this is not going to be a boring technical post about how you join the site, create a profile, and start using it as I found that whole process is pretty straight forward and you can easily ask Google to help you out there. However, what I do want to talk about is the simple yet amazing usage of this cool site. And for me in one word I use this site purely for INSPIRATION. Here is a link to my Pinterest, feel free to check it out: HERE If you look through my Pinterest  page, you can see that I basically just use it as a collection of scrapbooks so I can research my outfits, looks, pretty much anything you can think of. The great thing about it is that it not only collects a set of images but also the links to say that dress, or those shoes which you can go back to at a later date.  Another great feature is the search function allowing you to search for any number of subjects, plus when you do find something on another person account it allows you to check out their collection. So thats why I love using this site because it makes finding outfits and looks so so simple, and also helps me clear out my mind once in a while. Happy Pinning, and if you join feel free to add me. Sharing his caring.. xx


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